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Academy FW S/A was born in 2020 as a spin off of the School/SS99 consulting model to work with venture capitals funds and startups from different industries to find and unlock opportunity through technology and smart strategy.

As the world around us changes, businesses need to respond by becoming more strategic in their branding efforts to ensure their products and services are met with high demand.

Flávia Nogueira and Victor Hayashida team up with the french economist Simon Pierre Gerard De Groote to provide companies with a one-stop shop with solutions to help make this happen using their unique technology. When it comes to branding strategies, funding, go-to-market strategies (B2B, B2C or B2B2C) there is no one-size-fits-all option. 

From market trend consulting, Business Plan formatting, innovation area implementation, Branding, Design, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Next Round, IPO, we help clients from different industries with different challenges.

Academy FW10 S/A build common ground across business interests. Developing and strengthen identities, technology and convey credible, well-rounded business messages.

Victor Hayashida, COO

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Over 20 years of experience in the field of communication, management and strategy, we have developed a methodology called BrandAnatomy®. 

As a compass, BrandAnatomy® works to reconfigure the organizational culture, taking as base the company's fundamental values ​and the cultural, economic and civic redefinition that are in constant transformation. 

The method is a journey that includes the Value Proposition, product's Value Chain, adjustments to the Business Model, Branding, restoration and implementation of Cultural, Strategic Planning, R&D Technology and the definition of KPIs and operational project design.

“They've already defined us as a branding agency, brand consultants, design consultants. The truth is, we are none of those things. We have a very well designed methodology, which does not fit into any of these labels”, says Victor.

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There is a two pronged approach to the method: First, by making clear the damage caused by the inadequacy of Vision x Culture x Processes. Second, it is a great opportunity to rebuild systems in favor of a resilient and humane organization. 

Flávia Nogueira, CEO

Academy FW10 S/A is a hybrid consulting office that takes a holistic approach to building brands. 

The current market is very fragmented, and the business model of each service provider is not linked to the success of its client, but to the fulfillment of the goal of new contracts. That's why many methodologies, even if very well designed, don't work. Not being tied to the daily challenges of an organization gives the service provider a cut lens of the problems, consequently, a cut solution will also be offered. It will be up to the team, which also has a cut vision, due to the departmentalized culture, to mend the large patchwork quilt generated. This problem is classic, from centenary companies to StartUps.

Rebuilding is not easy, and across all our cases, it fall in the hands of management to take actions and assume this role. There is only one antidote: an active, holistic vision as the key to success.

Startups, in essence, don't need to have all their departments running in a fixed, separate way. However, it is essential that the progress of the areas demonstrate synergy among them, through a joint, holistic plan in favor of the same vision.

The restoration time may vary from company to company according to the maturity of each area.

Simon Pierre De Groote, CFO

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At the end of the day, it is very important for CEOs to demonstrate that their startups put all their efforts into technological development while creating an impeccable marketing and business development strategy and leadership structure that will fit into the next 5 years.

Today Academy FW10 S/A act as a holding company that invest in some companies and also that works with entrepreneurs and investment funds making startups reach their goals at the most different levels: early stage, seed stage, series A, B, C and next rounds.


With Academy FW10 S/A, Flávia, Victor and Pierre have already helped more than 15 young and talented CEO's in their new companies to seek their purpose, business model, coordinate marketing and operations in addition to raising investment funds and reports for shareholders and investors


We’re working to make the world a better place where everyone gets the same opportunities to realize their full potential on a healthy planet.

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Flávia Nogueira

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“I am dedicated to educating leaders and working with companies, industries and business models to become more transparent. Through developing new business cultures that are less toxic and more egalitarian, it is possible to reduce inequalities perpetuated not just by one company, but by all the different households that make up that company, thus driving an entire nation."

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Victor Hayashida

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“Our process can mean bringing about fundamental change within the company, including new ways of thinking, and working. Sometimes it means rebuilding the company from the inside out to create resilient, human and purpose driven organizations which are fit for the future”

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Simon Pierre De Groote

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"The world around us is going through dramatic change right now, and as a result, consumers are experiencing a transformation in their values. People increasingly want companies to take responsibility for their value chains. If brands are to be fit for the future, they need to innovate to stay ahead."

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