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Beyond ESG:

Radical Transparency

A global climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent as carbon emissions from energy use increase at the fastest rate since 2011, and 400,000 people die each year from the effects of climate pollution. 

In many ways, the world and our understanding of it have been totally and irrevocably revised.

The same is happening with organizations. Seeing the challenges that lie ahead as an opportunity to completely revitalize the foundations on which our culture was built is the best way to make this journey more inspiring. 

 After years of growing distrust of the institutions that structure our lives, the era of the pandemic has made one thing clear: it is the role of every leadership to feel responsible for building a better world. Today it is not possible to sustain a business or product without it not being aligned with humanitarian and environmental values.

Before the pandemic, practices such as “Ethics before Aesthetics”, “Radical Transparency”, “Sustainability” were concepts that were still little explored. 

Flávia Nogueira, CEO

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If your company, product or service is already part of or wants to be part of the generation of value at the origin, then we have a great advancement. Because, more important than creating a marketing pitch, is putting it in practice in your value chain.

For this, it will often be necessary to change your business model in favor of this thinking. 

We are based on the studies of Deep Ecology by the philosopher Arne Naes, who considers the transformation in 4 basic pillars: Political, Social, Environmental and Economic. And believe me: a huge reckoning is coming, are you ready to adapt?

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Our true nature is intimately connected with the surrounding environment, and with all life. This is our ecological self, we will value the environment in its own right, not simply for how much we can exploit it

Arne Naess

We need to find our allies

Academy FW10 S/A is constantly building alliances with companies with common goals - especially with non-profit organizations (who bring in-depth knowledge of how to solve problems) and "Trend Researchers" (who are able to foreshadow and communicate social change) .

As the African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go along.

We believe that if you treat people only as “consumers” of your product, you will be condemned to only have a one-dimensional relationship with them. 

On the other hand, if you treat people as “citizens” - with a variety of passions, concerns and goals - you can have a much richer and more multidimensional relationship with them. 

Instead of being in a transactional relationship, you can be in a transformational relationship.

Flávia Nogueira, CEO

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