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Transforming the everyday

We’re on a mission to build a new generation of breakthrough products that change the world for the better

LATAM >> Europe and North America

 School SS99 & Academy FW10™ S/A. 2012-2022

Value Chain: A crisis situation

We’re focused in products who will recreate the entire supply chain

The environmental impact in the supply chain isn't limited to greenhouse gas emissions. Water scarcity, issues with land use, toxic waste, water pollution, deforestation, air quality and energy use are all important considerations.

Market Value Global: One Step Ahead

There is a huge unmet demand in the marketplace for new, innovative products and materials. And we need it now

We have been disciplined in selecting our initial target verticals, where the materials must create enormous value and less harmful, creating a high performance materials that are manufactured more cleanly.


Bio Tech


Climate Tech




Technology: Building from the Ground Up

We are already thinking ahead for possible innovations and cutting-edge technology and practices to test out. Academy FW10 S/A plans on setting an industry standard moving forward.

Open a unique window on the world


Bio revolution

Beyond ESG: Sharing is Caring

We're working with entrepreneurs to find and unlock opportunity through technology and smart strategy

We help to overcoming

a fragmented process to build one that

fits the spectrum of the market


Business Model

Go To Market

Mentoria, etc

People Power: Join a diverse crowd

Founded by a team 

of people from different disciplines and generations, we redefined the role of the creator and decentralized 

strategic inspiration

As a result, we agree that interconnected solutions will be crucial to our economic, social, political and environmental recovery. We believe that only a team with different identities will best be able to carry out collaborative and creative ventures with a wide scope, capable of predicting and rooting prosperous and sustainable solutions.

Our Business Model

Our Portfolio

Our Community

Cursos Free

We’re purpose driven.

We rebuild systems to create resilient and humane organizations

We’re working to make the world a better place where everyone gets the same opportunities to realize their full potential on a healthy planet.

To get to know in detail the challenges of each experience we lived, schedule a conversation with us to understand how we can help you!

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